Sell more, faster with trade in at checkout

Tiptop adds purchasing power and boosts conversions for every transaction through the power of trade in.

Fast & Easy
Instantly add a trade-in program

Tiptop is the first payments provider that lets you accept trade-ins with zero risk. Instantly lower purchase cost without discounting your products.

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Convert more customers
Unlock thousands in additional purchasing power instantly by letting customers trade in what they currently own.
Zero upfront cost and run by us
Tiptop handles everything from the trade in to payments and shipping in one solution.
Fast payouts & fraud prevention
Tiptop makes offering a trade in program simple and low risk. You record a sale and we handle everything else.
Simple setup
Tiptop installs in minutes for platforms like Shopify and we offer a full suite of direct integration tools for any store.
Built for a wide audience
Your customers will love it

Tiptop allows customers to trade in what they own in a few seconds to reduce their cost. The Tiptop button at checkout always means they’ll pay less.

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A huge trade-in catalog
Tiptop enables trade ins of items in our constantly growing catalog of over 50,000 consumer products for something on your store.
Often instant
Our AI modeling allows us to credit many customers instantly when they pay in 4. That means they never have to pay full price.
Pay in 4 built right in
Customers love low initial costs. That’s why Tiptop comes with pay in 4 built right in. Your customers have all of the options they’ve come to expect.
The most accurate trade-in pricing
We deliver instant quotes that offer fair value for a customer’s items with our constantly updated algorithm.

Integrate Tiptop with a few lines of code

Our API and documentation make
it easy to get started
var _tiptop_config = {
  public_api_key: "YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY",
  script: "",

!(function (t, e) {
  var n = t.tiptop || {},
    c = document.createElement("script");
  (c.async = !0), (c.src = e.script);
  var i = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
  i.parentNode?.insertBefore(c, i), (t.tiptop = n);
})(window, _tiptop_config);
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