PSP - Movies

(6:58 ~ 70MB) 10-10-2002 --- Wave flight with my wife to Wyoming and back. Great wave conditions. Some acro sequences included; yes, we are still married.

(6:54 ~ 69MB) 10-06-2002 --- Wave flight with Dave. This is the so-called Dick Hogue "there is no wave" day. Note the handheld camera while spinning, looping, and stall-turning.

(2:25 ~ 25MB) 11-17-2002 --- Pedja's diamond climb to FL320. The camera stopped working since the temperature was -46°F, hence there is not much footage at the top...
(4:48 ~ 49MB) 11-23-2002 --- A local wave flight with my brother.

(6:02 ~ 60MB) 6-26-2003 --- The first flight of the famous 29J, that was featured in the Stormchasers IMAX movie, after being restored by the Soaring Society of Boulder.

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