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TipTop Software was established in 1993 to provide high-tech products and services to enterprises using advanced object environments such as OpenStep and Java.

Those were prehistoric times when the business community had not yet seen or felt the potential of the web, so we were contented building state-of-the-art products for other software developers who felt constricted by the tools which were available at the time. It gives us a warm feeling all over when we consider how our products such as the revolutionary multi-language independence system Objective-Everything have shaped today's cutting edge technology.

That's enough about the past, when the future is so much more relevant. Our experience is now employed entirely in providing consultancy, project management, and platform-independent custom development services to companies of all shapes and sizes, including industry leaders such as Disney Online, Swiss Bank, Aetna and Bank of America. Our global and local clients enjoy longstanding relationships with us, partly because we take reliability to be such a serious issue and maybe also because our output is of such a high standard of quality.

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